Tuesday, 27 June 2017

To go with the blog on the Rob Roy Way I have decided to add a photographic journal. Some of the pictures are mine, some are from Dave and some from Margaret and Brian, so thanks to them and hope I don't breach copyright.
                   Keen to be away at the start outside the Hawthorns in Drymen,
                 Dave,                     Brian                    Margaret            John H        me
                    A view of Loch Lomond from the road outside Drymen.
                Many of the signs had been taken as souvenirs, take a map

Something to do with the water works feeding Glasgow from Loch Katrine.
Walking alongside an aquaduct

               Our American friends leave us to start the West Highland Way
                        Waterworks, not art
                                           Well on the way,
                     Having a Herbie at Clashmore Cottage
                      Corrie Glen B n B. Dave and I stayed at Bield B n B in Aberfoyls
                                     Oh the stories we could tell

                   The dining room had a large collection of paintings of Scottish heroes such as David Hulme, Bonnie Prince Charle, Flora MacDonald and Mary Queen of Scots.
Day 2 fro Aberfolyle to Strathyre
                      The leaving of Aberfoyle in the rain. Because of the persistent rain there are no photos of the muddy footpath on the first part of the walk.
At the end of Loch Venacher we crossed this bridge to find the footpath to Kilmahog, still in the rain.

                                The weather improved as we approached Loch Lubaig
                      Waterproofs gone!
                               Dr Beeching had some good points, his axed railways make fine paths

                    The Inn at Strathyre, Timothy Taylor's liquid paradise and a grand Scottish dinner of haggis and neaps.

                         A toast to Timothy Taylor

              We stayed at Airlie House  where Colin made his marmalade, and fine it was too. It elephant was in the garden with other pieces.
Day 3 Strathyre to Killin
Better weather, more photographs

                                    Public art round Strathyre

                              Easy walking, especially after rain
                                        Killin gets a mention, target for tonight
             Marked on the map as Kingshouse, the Mohr 84 had
                                          cakes worthy of
                                       And a working phone box!

                 A glimpse of Lochearnhead and the loch
                            Another damp Herbie

                     High above the road up Glen Ogle

                        A few other walkers on the old viaduct.

                                      Getting nearer
                                    Another old railway
                                                  Julias Snax. We Herbied nearby and were greeted by the famous Scottish midges

       Keep left for Killin

                   The Falls of Dochart. Not surprisingly there was plenty of water.
                     Bridge over troubled Dochart
               Excellent ale, deep fried haggis and turnip bonbons!
                                 The Bank B n B where we spent two nights


Day 4 Killin to Ardtalnaig
                           Off we go again, in the rain

            The long and winding road, the only climb on the walk, striding out over 2000 feet of ascent.
                             But the views improved. Ptarmigan Ridge across Loch Tay

                       I've looked at dams from both sides now. This one supplies hydro-electric power

                  Having left the pipe we followed markers across boggy fields to Ardeonaig

                Once these piles of stones were summer shelters
             Coffee stop day 4 at Ardeonaig
      Day5 Acharn to Aberfeldy

                             Hermit's cave near Acharn

                               Distant and misty Schiehallion

                             An angry pine marten

       Slightly less misty Schiehallion

                            The foaming braes of Aberfeldy

                 This is no way to treat the Scottish bard
     Cathy Ross  Bn B at Aberfeldy
Day 6 Abefeldy to Pitlochry
                                           Aunty Cathy

                                      There was a soldier, a Scottish soldier
                          Dewars Distillery, Aberfeldy

                                                    River Tay
                                         More Tay
                                          Nearly there

                                                Herbie spot

                                      Mission accomplished, welcome to Pitlochry

  And on the way home we stopped at the Crannog in Kenmore, stone age living