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In Teesdale again.........(Durham/Yorks)    July29
  Back to earth after the West Highland Way Wander and back in Teesdale. Six of us, walking from Barnard Castle along the Tees and the Greta. We start in Barnard Castle, pretty market town on the bank of the River Tees. To get there from base go west on the A69, south on the A68 and follow signs. There is a bargain car park, £1.50 for a day. Drive down the main street, turn left at the old market and turn left again.
The map to use is OS OL 31 North Pennines. The six of us are; Paul, Harry, Brian, John H., Dave and me. And breakfast was in Penny's café on the high street near the old market.
 The Market Cross, Barnard Castle, built 1747 and octagonal. Turn left and go downhill.
                       Park all day for £1.50, a Yorkshireman's dream.
The walk;
Leave the car park and head towards the Market Cross. Turn left and  . A finger post directs walkers to the Teesdale walk on the north bank of the river or to the south bank. We headed for the north bank and after passing a few houses crossed fields before walking through woodland on the river bank. Very pleasant walking on a sunny morning, leaves dappling the ground and the noise of the river which was pretty full and pouring through a gorge. After a couple of miles we came to Abbey Bridge and crossed to the south side. According to Pevsner the bridge is in Yorkshire so I have no details but has a beautiful arch, and traffic lights.
                                      Abbey Bridge
      The footpath on the south bank is just as pleasurable, above the river, easy to follow and easy on the feet. The path eventually becomes a minor road that brought us to Meeting of the Waters, where the River Greta joins the River Tees.
                                   The Tees at Abbey Bridge
                        The bridge over the Greta at Meeting of the Waters
                            River Greta, River Tees in the background.

                               Lovely Greta.
Having admired the whole area we moved on across fields past Rokeby Park and Mortham Tower before turning south and walking through fields and under the A66 road to Greta Bridge.
                                Mortham Tower
                                     and its Hemel
    We climbed the wall by the signpost for Brignall Mill (there are steps on the field side) and settled against the wall for a Herbie Spot. After Scotland we are back to sharing and today we had ginger biscuits (Ringtons), almond slices, caramel shortbread and scones from Mrs A. (Amazingly, several of us lost weight in Scotland in spite of the huge breakfasts. Perhaps we were missing Mrs A's scones and cakes)
  Lunch over we walked across the fields, although Dave and I did take a little time off to look at the ditches, all that remained of a Roman Fort.
Walking high above the river Greta we looked down on the Ruins of St. Mary's Church and graveyard and walked through fields of wheat (truly golden) before arriving at the tiny village of Brignall. It is a village, it has a church; St. Mary's.
                                                    Follow the signs
                              Ruined St.Mary's Church
                                       St. Mary's, Brignall.
In the village we spotted, eventually the marker that took us almost due north through fields of barley and oats to the A66. This east west highway is busy and it took some time and care to cross it. Once across we walked, still north, through a graveyard and downhill to the River Tees where we turned left, back on the path we had trod before., but this time heading west. At the Abbey Bridge we continued on the south bank the few hundred yards to Egglestone Abbey, a Premonstratensian foundation dating back to 1195. Never a rich foundation it was almost relegated to the status of priory. Knocked about a bit by Scottish and English armies it finally closed in 1548 at the Dissolution. Converted to a manor house for some time but now a ruin.

                                        Egglestone Abbey
Having admired this pile of stones we sheltered briefly under an ash tree as a shower struck before heading back, still on the south bank, through fields and a caravan park to Barnard Castle. We
crossed the river by a footbridge and walked uphill to the Market Cross and the car park.
Changed we headed to the Morrit Hotel the few miles down the road at Greta Bridge They had Timothy Taylor's Landlord liquid heaven on draught.
This is a "good walk" as the Times might say, varied with little climbing but lots to look at and admire on a warm July day

The Matrix   MMXVI   SS
                                                                           steps                             miles
NAK                                                                30066                               10.43
Dave's LIDL3D                                               23533                               10.82
  "             USB                                                22300                                10.55
  "             NAK                                               22348                                10.48
etrex GPS                                                                                                   10.49
Brian                                                                                                          10.25
OUTDOOR GPS                                                                                        10.4

Walking time 3hr 18 mins         talking time      2 hr 11 mins

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There is some overlap and I have a problem with my scanner