Friday, 4 December 2015

As we like it..................December 4th(Yorkshire)
  As You Like it  is one of the Bard's side-splitting comedies and is set in the Forest of Arden, Warwickshire (pronounced Worrickshire of course). So long since I have seen it I have forgotten the plot. Probably involves young lovers, some misunderstandings, a bit of cross dressing, a wrinkled retainer and everybody is happy at the end. Give me a good old tragedy any day. Some students of William believe it is really set in the Ardennes in Belgium, later famous for the Battle of the Bulge. This has nothing to do with today's walk which is around Arden Great Moor in North Yorkshire, home of the brave, land of the free, some pretty good beer, Geoffrey Boycott  and the road into Lancashire. We should have been doing the now famous M i T walk in Teesdale but unfortunately the leader can't make it.
There is a good turn out, Ben, Brian, Harry, Dave, John H., John Ha., Ray and me. The walk starts near Osmotherley which is just off the A19 south of Teeside. Take a minor road south of the village centre, pass Chequers, (no it's not that one) and park at Square Corner. The map to use is OS OL 26 North Yorks Moor Western Area and the car park is at GRSE 479959 approximately.
                        The car park at Square Corner, a grey and cloudy day with a strong wind.
                         They called the last storm Clodagh, it was the Irish turn. Probably named for Clodagh Rogers sixties hit "Come Back and Shake Me."
 By the car park is a well made stony track which is part of the Cleveland Way, a long distance footpath across the North Yorks Moors. I heads almost due south, skirting Hambleton End and Black Hambleton until it reaches White Gill Head and Whitestones where the path turns south again.  It passes several cairns and nearby there is a Tumulus for archaeologists. At a junction we followed the path on the left which wandered round Wild Middle and Harker Yates Ridge. After the initial climb the path is level and the views are magnificent, except their was low grey cloud.
                On a grey day it is hard to see for ever. Nice bit of dry stone wall though
                                   Much of the day was spent on track like this.
At a point near Haggerworm Slack  (what a name)we got off the track and sat in a hollow for a Herbie Spot.
Gadgie restaurant near Haggerworm Slack. Damp but out of the wind. Today's treats included Ben's Ginger biscuits, Mr. Kipling's Ginger whirls (product placement), chocolate chip cookies, mini apple pies from ALDI (pp) and chocolate cake from Mrs. A. Half the team had been to a lecture on cholesterol at Newcastle University. I think the snacks broke all the rules for health, on the other hand I think the lecture was sponsored by a cereal company. (Shredded wheat)

Lunch over we continued on our way round Arden Great Moor, passing several more cairns and a black grouse. Just past Sun Bank it was decided to change the original route and we headed downhill into Upper Rydale.

                     Two views of the dales in a deep and dark December
Near the bottom of the dale we turned north west, some of us looking with interest at the outlines of a bronze age field system, dismissed by some others as a pile of stones.
                                           Remains of a bronze age settlement.
We climbed steadily to Dale Head, a ruined farmhouse, continued along the track alongside some very upmarket shooting butts until we came to the road, turned left and walked back past the remains of Robinson's Cross to the car park.

Slightly out of focus Bawderis Beck. We are in Yorkshire, it is not a burn, it's a beck.
                   Dale Head and Health and Safety notice.
 Upmarket shooting butt with rings for chaining the retriever or retainer.

                    Looking back at almost the end.

We finished the walk at 2.45pm and decided that, to avoid the end of work traffic round Teeside we should go straight back to the Tyne and headed for the Cannon in Earsdon. There was a good selection of beers available, Hadrian, Cocker and some more. John Ha who has only been out a couple of times, showed his T shirt.
                                      His application to become a member goes to the committee shortly, 
                                      then he faces the initiation.      

                                                  Harry and I are convinced we saw a Black Grouse, as did Brian.
Some people are doubtful.

                                                                           The Matrix MMXV  YYYY

                                                                         steps                              miles
LIDL3D                                                            22487                            7.87
Nako                                                                 21908                             9.33
Dave's LIDL3D                                                21321                             9.8
  "        USB                                                      20756                             9.82
    "Nako                                                           21196                             10.0
etrex                                                                                                          9.4

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