Thursday, 8 August 2019

Alexander the Great (Northumberland) August 6th
No gadgie walk this week as several of the team are off on the coast to coast walk, others are on holiday and I am entertaining family. To make up grandson Alex and I are going to walk the famous Carey Burn in the Harthope Valley. To reach the start take the A1 north, A697 at Morpeth and drive into Wooler. Turn left up Cheviot Street, the first street you come to, and head uphill. At the first fork go right and continue to the road sign that points to Langleeford. Uphill again, past the delightfully named Skirl Naked and go downhill to park off the road at Carey Burn Bridge. The walk is covered by OS OL 16 Cheviot Hills.
                       Today's car park...……………… but sometimes passing cattle make a mess on your vehicle!
As soon as we were booted up it started to rain, but undaunted we set off, taking the footpath by the bridge. A well marked track it follows the Carey burn closely, sometimes high up and sometimes on the river bank. Two ladies were doing the same walk and we took turns in leading!
The bracken and gorse were very high, higher than Alex but he is only 8 and three quarters. 
We hoped to see some snakes but it was probably too wet for the adders to play out, but we did spot a heron.
At the first footbridge the two ladies were having a snack and kindly offered us both a cereal bar.
                                  At the waterfall on Carey Burn.
Moving on we walked across open land until we reached the next  footbridge. It was decided that as the rain had stopped this would make an excellent lunch stop so we sat on a stile and ate cheese sandwiches, marmite sandwiches, vegetarian pepperoni, apples, Titan bars and crisps. Quite a feast.
Lunch over we turned south, crossed a footbridge and headed east, initially on a marked footpath through the heather, which is in bloom.

                            A damp day in the Cheviots
                 Saves opening the gate!

                                                                                               This path joined a farm track and we followed it on the side of Snear Hill until we came to the large sheep sheds near Carey Burn Bridge. We were both quite wet so we headed home as fast as we could for a shower!   In spite of the rain it was a grand day out, enjoyed by both of us.

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