Monday, 23 April 2018

Gadgies in Rothbury again. (Northumberland) April 20th.
   My wife and I attended the social event of the year (No, not hat one, that's May 19th) on April 20th
so I gave the weekly walk with the lads a miss. Four of them, Dave, John C., John H. and Brian enjoyed the rare sunshine and a walk round the country town of Rothbury. (A1 north A697 and turn left at Weldon Bridge)
Dave sent me a map and some photographs, very kind. The maps to use for this walk are OS OL 42 Kielder Water and Forest and OL Explorer 332 Alnwick and Amble.

The walk probably started from Tomlinsons café and bunk house on Bridge Street and after coffee and bacon the team headed back to Rothbury main street, turned left and walked gently uphill past the shops and taking the right fork ner the building marked hospital on my OS map.

Scenes in Rothbury: the church, the cross and roughly where the fork i9n the road is.

A footpath nearby leads west past the quarries (disused) marked on the map and then turns north to join the Rothbury Terraces, Lord Armstrong's carriage drives. At a point where the paths divide the team turned left and headed down Physic Lane into Thropton.

Physic Lane at the top and Wreigh Burn.
Crossing the burn by the footbridge the fearless four turned immediately left, crossed the road and followed the footpath alongside the River Coquet to another footbridge.
                       Walking towards the Coquet crossing.
Once over the river the footpath crosses fields in a southerly direction to Tosson Lime Kiln.

                  Once used for the production of lime the kilns now are points of interest to archaeologists, and others.
Continuing on their way to the hamlet of Great Tosson they then followed paths through plantations before climbing to the Simonside Plateau at Bob Pyle's Studio.

               On the trail of the disappearing pines.
The path across Simonside used to be a well worn muddy track but now it is paved in discarded flagstones from closed Yorkshire/Lancashire mills. At the east end the footpath descends to a car park near Lordenshaws.

       Top picture looks like a Herbie Spot.
From the car park the footpath heads north across moorland and fields before hitting a road. Turning right and following the road took the boys past Sharp's Folly, built to provide employment for the locals in the 18th century and financed by the vicar. It was that or the workhouse, or possibly both.

                                     God bless you sir.
From here it is a short distance to the car park and a short drive to the Anglers A|rms at Weldon Bridge.
No matrix, not even a distance quoted but I guess at 10 miles
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