Friday, 15 April 2016

Stamps, pies and a Topping day out....April 15th(North Yorks Moors)
  The weather forecast for the whole of the north of England promises rain everywhere, but it will arrive at the latest on the North Yorks Moors so we are repeating a walk last done in May 2015, The Cook, the Pies and the Topping.
 A two car job with six gadgies in the team, Dave, Brian, Harry, Ben, John Ha. and me, hoping to enjoy my first walk for a few weeks.
We met in Stamps Cafe in Great Ayton, a fine tea shop close to Petches Pie Shop, meat and pastry heaven. After breakfast and pie buying we drove on to the car park at Newton under Roseberry.
                            Probably the best pie shop in the world.
                          Dave, outside Stamps Cafe, looking for a toilet probably
                       One of the many bikes out along the route of the Tour de Yorkshire which takes place on May 1st
 To reach this pretty spot from Newcastle take the A19 south, turn on to the A174  and then the A172 to Great Ayton. Newton is a little further on towards Guisborough.
The walk is covered by OS OL 26 North Yorks Moors, Western Area  and the car park is at GRNZ570127.
The walk:
  The car park has class, costs £4.50 for a full day but does have toilets.
                                    This week's car park.
  At the north end of the car park is a gate, the start of the walk. Turn right and walk up the very muddy Roseberry Lane to a gate into the woods. From here the path to the top of Roseberry is very steep, the worst way to start a walk, but it is well paved for much of the route to the summit. Probably as well, it's a very popular walk and would be even muddier without the stone path which meanders to the trig point on the top which has been thoughtfully graffited by Shaz and Duane.
                 Kathy and Sue, this is for you.
                      Brian, Dave, Ben, me, John Ha. (Harry is busy taking the picture )

                                               Thanks Shaz, education works.

                                        Roseberry Topping from muddy Roseberry Lane
             On the top we talked to a couple of ladies from Holland, they took a photograph of us.
From the top of Roseberry one of several paths leads almost due east and this is the one we took downhill, another paved path too.
At the bottom of the hill we took the Cleveland Way footpath, easily recognised by the markers, and after a short distance headed south east on a moorland mud track. Churned up by a million pairs of boots and several hundred thousand mountain bikes plus a few quad bikes, the path at this time of the year is tricky. To the south we could see the monument to Captain Cook, the man who led the way to Australia. On previous occasions we have made the detour to the monument but gave it a miss today.
                     It's an easy walk, just follow the sign posts.
                     Cook's monument in the distance. The only Yorkshire captain to go to Australia and not get a game.
At High Intake plantation the footpath turns northeast over Great Ayton Moor. There are some Iron Age enclosures in the area, the muddy footpath curves almost in a semi circle to Percy Cross where it turns north east again.
                              Near Percy Cross
                          Down in the valley on an overcast day.
  When the path reached Highcliff Wood the grumbling got louder and we made a Herbie Stop. Mrs A excelled herself with savoury tarts made with cheese pastry and topped with Feta Cheese. Other offerings included Ben's ginger biscuits, Yorkshire flapjacks, Chocolate covered biscuits and mini Easter eggs which had come from Czechia. Tea and sandwiches too. (From England)
                                   Herbie Spot
Lunch over we took the path south east past Highcliffe Farm across Black Nab and Hutton Moor until we rejoined the Cleveland Way. At the point where we met the earlier route we took a path that led us round the north side of Roseberry Topping and back to the still muddy Roseberry Lane and the car park. We arrived at the car park at the same time as the promised rain, a well timed walk.
Changed we headed back up the A19 and through the Tyne Tunnel (£1.60) and on to the Cannon Inn at Earsdon which had several hand pulled beers, Geordie Boy, Sunset Blonde and another blonde.  The one I tried was fine but I declined the second like a good chap, but really because I would have to drive later on.

Matrix MMXVI    M
                                                        steps                               miles
Nakosite                                         23812                              9.01
LIDL3D                                         22342                              8.7
Dave's Nak                                    19272                               8.51
  "        3D                                      20697                              8.9
  "        LIDLUSB                          19425                              9.58
etrx                                                                                        8.6
Bria'GPS                                                                               8.5
 Ben's bragometer                                                                 8.7

                                Roseberry Topping
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