Friday, 25 September 2015

Swainby on the North Yorks Moors,  Sept 25th(Obvious)
   I have had a lot of German readers this week, perhaps they are considering taking up walking and leaving their Volkswagens at home.
  We were planning to go to the lake district again but for several reasons had a change of mind and went to the Cleveland Hills, starting the walk from the village of Swainby, or pretty near it.
To get there from base take the A19 south and turn off at the A172 which brings you back to the pretty village of Swainby. South of Swainby a very minor road leads to the houses at Huthwaite Green where there is very limited parking.  A map is advisable, OS OL26, North Yorks moors, western area covers about 95% of the walk and the start is at NZ492007.
There are six of us out today, a two car5 job. John H, John C, Dave, Harry, Brian and me.
                            Limited parking at Huthwaite Green, but there is a post box.
    Behind the cars in the picture there is a gate asking you to leave room for negotiating horses, the walk starts through the gate. The path is on the Cleveland Way long distance footpath and so is signed with white acorns. Almost immediately there is a steep but stoned path that leads uphill onto Round Hill and then continues across Live Moor and Carlton Moor. The views are good if hazy, Teeside to the north east and the flat fertile plain to the north with a view of distant Roseberry Topping.
                                        Roseberry Topping ,top left.
                                 The path is good, in places it has been paved with 
                                     redundant flagstones from Yorkshire Mills.
   We met a couple of American couples from Montana who were walking the coast to coast, all qualified gadgies or gadgettes. They had got the impression it never rained in England as they had not had a single bad day on their walk from St Bees, through the Lakes and now in the Cleveland Hills. How lucky is that.
Beyond Carlton Bank the path goes downhill to a picnic area. We considered calling a Herbie Spot but John C made us walk on, uphill again past a trig point and a view point and down again at the head of Raisdale. We finally called a Herbie Spot and settled behind a wall to keep out of the wind.
                                           John H and Dave examine the trig point
                            Escarpment on the Cleveland Hills

                             Herbie Spot. Treats today; Fruesli bars, Yorkshire flapjacks, ginger parkin from ALDI, Snickers and home made lemon cake from Mrs A. (I weigh a mere 175 pounds American, !2 stone & 7 lb in UK)
Break over and back on our heads we followed the footpath through what is obviously a pheasant nursery rather than follow the footpath alongside the wall which was hemmed in by bracken. At the end of the pheasant nursery we followed the footpath downhill through thick bracken to High Clay House and Hall Garth. At Hall Garth a track took us through a wood where we saw a roe deer and then across a few fields until we came to a minor road. We turned left down the road for a few hundred yards before turning right to Raisdale Mill. If you follow this walk take care at Raisdale. Turn left after the first house and walk past the old mill itself to a very old narrow stony track that leads steeply uphill and back onto the moors. We followed the track until we came to a sign post which we ignored, it leads to Bilsdale West Moor. Instead we followed a stony track downhill to Scugdale Hall. The track turned into a metalled road passing Fog Close Farm and Sparrow Hall Farm and eventually brought us back to Huthwaite Green.
Changed we headed home by way of the A19. Bad move,not only was it going home time round Middlesborough but there had been an accident which also contributed to our slow progress home. For once we did not have a drink on the way home, possibly a record.

The Matrix MMXV UU
                                                                          steps                          miles
LIDL3D                                                           27156                         8.85 (I was 4'7" today)
Dave's LIDL3D                                               23042                         10.13
Dave's USB                                                     22261                          9.8
Etrex                                                                                                     9.9
OUTDOOR GPS                                                                                 9.83
John C GPS                                                                                         10.3