Friday, 26 December 2014

She's a big lass and a bonny lass...Dec25

It was Christmas Day in Ringwood Drive,
The happiest day of the year,
My mother and sister and daughter arrived,
And the garage was full of beer.
   I have had a lovely note from a lady in New Zealand who follows us gadgies around Northumberland as her great great grandfather lived in West Hedgely Cottages near Branton. I was also told that a lady in California was a regular reader too, perhaps she had family here.
No gadgie walk this week as it is the festive season but on Christmas Day, leaving the gadgette to slave in the kitchen, my sister who qualifies, and my elder daughter ( who doesn't decided to have a short walk on and around Northumberlandia.
Northumberlandia claims to be the largest earth sculpture in the world. She was created from the spoil removed from a nearby surface mine and I seem to remember she contains 4.5 million tons of earth and rock and has about four miles of footpath to wander round. She represents the mythical goddess Northumberlandia and is a very large supine lady, lying coy and naked just outside Cramlington.
Having had a very light lunch and with the promise of Christmas dinner later in the day we drove the short distance, left the car in the nearly empty car park, wandered through the plantation that The Times  journalist sent to report on the sculpture called a forest and strolled round the lady herself. She is about half a kilometre long and has some splendid curves to contour round. From the top of her head their are vast panoramic views of Northumberland, from the sea in the east to the Cheviot Hills in the north. You can also see right into the pit next door where coal extraction continues and will for a couple of years.
We wandered round the perimeter, hoped that in a few years the pond would be full of rushes and water birds and took some photographs to send to Canada. Then we went home to dinner.
Happy Christmas to all my readers and for those in the Orthodox church it's not long until January 7th.

Looking down her nose. Yes they are. She's a big lass
                      No they are not, they are observation points

                                   Visions of a goddess
                                                     Me and my sister. She lives in Canada so 
                                                  is entitled to wear a reddish coat.
                                                  I was busy talking to someone

                                                              I took this with a clever Iphone App, Await future glorious
pictures from gadgieland