Saturday, 2 August 2014

I can see Deirdre now, Lorraine has gone    Aug 1st
 I was unable to join the gadgies for a walk this Friday as I spent the morning In the Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle upon Tyne for a cataract operation. And to those readers in the UK who complain about the NHS I would just say I have nothing but praise for the all staff in Ward 21 at that hospital. From the first greeting, through the preliminary chat and then the operation which lasted thirty minutes from being wheeled in to the theatre to being wheeled out, followed by an excellent cup of tea and discharge, everybody was friendly, cheerful and thoroughly professional. Mind you the surgeon, a young lady, looked about 19 years old. Thank you all.

 I have had this report on the gadgie walk:
  "Four gadgies, Brian, Dave, John and Harry, did the John Martin Trail. It rained gently at the beginning and at the end. In between it rained very heavily indeed, all the time, without let up."
At least I think that' what they meant.
The John Martin trail is a good walk and has been covered at least twice so if you want to know it or refresh your memory try:
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Normal service next week.