Wednesday, 4 June 2014

A variation on a theme.... Carey Burn  June 3rd.

  There are four of us out today, Dave, John, Harry and me on a Tuesday, for a gadgie extra and the plan is to do the ever popular Carey Burn walk to Broadstruther and back via Cold Law, a short day out as I am off to the pub.
The walk starts at the Carey Burn Bridge in the Harthope Valley. To get there from Newcastle head north on the A1, turn onto the A697 north of Morpeth and drive to Wooler. Go into the town, take the first left (Cheviot Street) after a mile take the right fork and continue to the minor road signposted Langleeford. Drive past Skirl Naked, down the hill and park on the wide grass verge just before the bridge. But be warned, there are cattle loose on the road.
The walk is covered by OL16 and the parking area is at NT976249, approximately.
The path up the Carey Burn is not marked on the map but there is now a signpost on the north side of the stream pointing you in the right direction.
                                               A regular feature, the car park (free)
The path up the Carey Burn is easy to follow, across fields, alongside the stream, close by a waterfall and alongside a wood. Stop to admire the waterfall, watch out on a sunny day for adders and also watch out for herons, dippers, buzzards and possibly a peregrine.
                                                    Don't go near the waterfall.
                                          There is a wooden hut, used by men with guns in season
                                          and swallows. There were young in the nest today.
Eventually the path reaches a footbridge. The stream going to the right is the Common Burn and eventually leads to Commonburn House.
                               Looking down Carey Burn from the footbridge which is marked as 
                            ford on my edition of the OS map.                                                                                                                   The path we followed  moves away from the Broadstruther Burn and takes you to  you to Broadstruther, once a farm, now a lodge awaiting August 12th. It always makes a Herbie Spot.

Broadstruther Lodge. Although locked up there are plenty of 
stones to sit on for a Herbie Spot.
Not having Ben or Brian with us today, and me feeling a bit mean, lunchtime treats were restricted to a Mr Kipling slice and a club orange biscuit. Nothing wrong with the occasional lapse.
 If you want a short walk back to the Carey Burn Bridge the farm track heading east is the quickest route but, being gadgies we headed roughly south for a short distance on a track before spotting the marker for a footpath leading across boggy ground before joining another track that brought us to a gate. At this point we turned left and headed north east beside the fence line that goes almost to the top of Cold Law. Easy to start with there is a bit of a sting at the very end but soon we found the summit trig point.

                              By the gate before turning to walk up Cold Law there is
                              this boundary marker, pretty ancient by the look.
    From the top of Cold Law which is 1483 feet high (452m to Europeans) there are spectacular views of the Cheviot Hills

  There are several routes off the top of Cold Law. We opted for the route just east of south past the cairn. It should have brought us down Cockshaw Syke to the valley bottom but as usual we wandered off the footpath and finished up heading for Hawsen Burn and the road back along the
Harhope . On the way down we passed a number of shooting butts, quite sophisticated ones too.
The walk along the valley bottom is about two miles on metalled road, but it is a very pleasant walk, well wooded, well birded and very easy going.

                                     Protection from marauding grouse is on offer in
                                                this trench
                                       A stell, or sheepfold at the foot of Hawsen Burn

                                         The Harthope Burn at Carey Bridge.

For a change we headed straight home at the end of the walk, no bacon today, no beer. Are we getting old?

Birds Sand martins, dipper, heron, chaffinches, grouse, pheasant, wheatear, sand piper, oyster catcher, swallows, but the bird of the blog, spotted by Dave is the Ring Ouzel.


                                                           steps                                 miles
                                                          23015                                 10.35
Dave's 3D                                           18147                                 9.25
Dave's USB                                        17822                                  9.0

GPS                                                                                               8.2

Total Gadgie distance 238

    Contains OS Data copyright. Crown Copyright database right 2014